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3 weeks ago

You May Want to Think Twice Before Buying a Fixer-Upper

Renovating your home is a numbers game. How much do you have to spend to fix up your home and what will it get you in return? When is it worth it to spend more on high-end finishes to get a better return on investment (ROI)? What are the best renovation projects and features that will appeal to the widest range of buyers when you decide to sell?

Home buying and house renovations before and after design style are intensely personal choices, and not everyone will love the changes you make. However, using Zillow Talk,

3 weeks ago

Survey Says Sharpen Your DIY Skills to Save on Home Improvement

LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--A survey by the Home Projects Council (HPC) suggests that homeowners

interested in reducing the cost of home improvement projects replace

their do-it-for-me (DIFM) habits with improved do-it-yourself (DIY)

skills. The online survey of 514 found that DIY homeowners (45% of

respondents) spent less financially doing their last home improvement

project than DIFM homeowners (55% of respondents) spent hiring a

professional to do their last project. The survey also indicated that a

homeowner's home improvement skill level was directly related to the

size, complexity and spending on a project.

Home Imp

3 weeks ago

The Ugly Duckling House - Atlanta-Based DIY Home Improvement Blog by Sarah Fogle

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If you've been reading this blog for a few years, you're probably aware

3 weeks ago

How You Can Estimate The Expenses Of Kitchen Remodeling

For the majority of home owners, the kitchen is one of the most significant components of the home. Also kitchen remodeling is one of the most preferred home improvement projects. Though anybody desires to estimate the price estimate kitchen remodeling, he or she should be conscious that expense estimates aren't always correct.

It depends on the extent of the remodeling project, sort and line of appliances used, current price tag of home improvement supplies, specialist costs, and many other elements. So it is genuinely a tough job for any homeowner, to estimate the price. In case you are a homeowner and thinking to remodel your kitchen, here are some useful tips for you personally to decide the cost of remodeling your kitchen.

First of all you should choose how you need to remodel your kitchen and what sorts of materials or gear you want to apply on your kitchen. In accordance with your program it is possible to draw a sketch of your kitchen and make a list for your kitchen remodel items to help you ascertain costs. There are many home improvement centers and they offer computer generated kitchen remodeling plans depending on your preference. Decide which appliances you desire to replace and what kind you would like. Check out the on the web retailers for appliance capabilities and for accessible discounts. You will discover some stores those provide considerable discounts in case you invest in more than one appliance from them. Appliances, cabinets and fixtures will be around 30% of the total remodeling cost.

Hiring a professional will also have considerable impact on your kitchen remodel estimate, but you should be ensured that your kitchen renovation will be made speedily and professionally. When you are organizing to hire an expert, ensure that that he is licensed and insured. You should communicate your spending budget clearly to him in advance. Get the strategy in writing from him, which includes an estimate of the start-date and end-date, labor fees, as well as material fees. Labor expenses should not be more than 25% of the total estimate. Estimating the expense of a kitchen improvement project will also involve negotiations using the skilled workers. Avoid paying more than one-third of the total estimate upfront so as to ensure the professionalism in service delivery.

Gas appliances need to be installed by specialists. Ensure that you hire reliable plumbers and electricians to assist using the mechanical aspects of the kitchen remodel if necessary. According to the age of your kitchen, mechanical remodels can take as much as 30% of your budget. You should keep at the least 15% of your budget for any unexpected costs. There could be irreparable leakages or defects in old water pipes or termites in the wooden fittings, and you may also uncover that you would need to replace these home improvement ideas bathroom as well. So always keep no less than tenth of your spending budget for such unplanned repair work.

So, set your spending budget and be sure you finish the project with money in your pocket. It is best to stick with your original estimated spending budget when remodeling your kitchen. Plan ahead and know what to anticipate. Not try to cut corners because the quality of your supplies is very important.

Bruce Construction provides the best kitchen home remodeling cost estimate remodeling San Francisco and now we provide San Francisco bathroom remodeling services.

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4 weeks ago

Eight ways to improve your home appraisal | Reuters

By Lou Carlozo


WASHINGTON When Kellie and Michael May decided to refinance their home in the New York suburbs, they wanted to take advantage of historically low interest rates. But before landing a new 30-year fixed-rate mortgage, they had to get through a home appraisal.

"It was a major stumbling block," says Kellie May, who has owned the 4-bedroom, 3-bath colonial for seven years. Not that she and her husband were unprepared; they'd been through an appraisal for another refinance in 2010, so they knew to point out improvements they'd made home improvement near you to the 3,400 square f

4 weeks ago

Home improvement ideas in Dorset

Fronting the English Channel is South West see this England's historic, maritime and beautiful county, Dorset. The award-winning Heritage Coast, a long stretch of pebbled beach, special marine nature reserves and the finest of visit the website sandy beaches found in the British Isles, make this place a coastal heaven. The Poole Harbour of Dorset is one of the largest natural harbours in the world and Abbotsbury Swannery is an internationally acclaimed photographers' paradise. The lush countryside lies behind the spectacular coastline with a proud heritage, history, culture and unspoilt natural beauty. There are over 150 charming villages in the rural backdrop that contain sandstone cottages, stately homes, historic houses of 15th century, abbeys and churches of impressive architectural splendour.

If you own a home in Dorset and looking to improve it, either by retaining the traditional style or conforming to the architecture of the ancient landscape, you can give your house a warm country look. Traditional entrance doors in Dorset can make your home more West Country-friendly. Doors and windows are primary components of a house that can alter the style, design and look of the entire house. If you think a conventional door that is made of sturdy wood is not affordable, yet you prefer doors in Dorset style; composite doors are an amazing makeover. These can look like the click here for info real wooden and traditional doors with all the elegance to suit your home. They are made of durable and strong material ideal for external doors and they have low maintenance. They do not peel, crack or age like the traditional wooden doors or are prone to termites and other insects.

You can choose a design that complements your home and the area you live, out of the many stylish colours and various designs. No matter the age of your home and the architectural style, composite doors can easily be made into great traditional doors. These have improved security with recommended standards and secure your home better. Composite doors are also thermally efficient, locking in the heat perfectly. You can choose different glazing options and customise the door style to complement the d

4 weeks ago

3 Major Categories of Boat Electrical System

There are several components on the boat that you cannot properly take care of by yourself and therefore, you should hire an expert to keep your boat in best shape. The components that you cannot take care of essentially include the electrical system.

Boat electrical system can diesel fuel vs gasoline be divided in several categories. Lighting, fuel management and communication are the major three categories. A general lighting system is must for any boat. Similarly, there should be a well maintained fuel maintenance system. In today's world almost all the communication system is based on electronics and therefore there is no need to mention it separately.

General Lighting

There are several parts in the boat that are not properly lit. In the daytime, on fine day, you can move across easily without touching any lose wire. But in the night and when it is dark, you can only rely on the general lighting system of the boat. The LED lights that act as a visual signal for other boats are also a part of this general lighting system. This is very important for the engine room. Generally the engine rooms are dark and compact; therefore, in absence of a lighting system you might face severe difficulty in rectifying any urgent problem.

Fuel Management

Though it is not directly related to electrical and electronics of the boat. Still you find several boats components that are utilized to manage the fuel. Some of the equipment are a core part of boat electric system and helps you manage the fuel consumption of the boat. These components optimize the use of the fuel and hence maintain the efficiency level of your boat.

Communication system

Boat electrical system constitutes the communication system. When in a boat, you are alone and aloof from the world and hence there should be a strong communication system to keep you connected with the rest of the world. There are several equipments like, GPS, RADAR and chart plotter that makes the list of boats density of diesel fuel in kg m3 components that are used for the purpose of communication.

The boat electrical system should be properly taken care of. Not only the connectivity of the devices as well as proper care of lose wires are required; you should also hire an expert who can assist you in proper supply. Even if you do have best of components but not sufficient power supply, then it is of no use. Therefore, it is imperative that you maintain adequate power supply on your boat.